Technologies applicable to most models of hoods offered by Ciarko


Always at hand
Innovative system of controls

The intuitive system GestureControl facilitates comfortable control of the device. It takes only three hand gestures to switch the hood on or off, change the power of its operation, or the intensity of light. The touchless control system makes it easier to keep the device clean, at the same time fulfilling all the traditional hood control functions.


Quiet and energy-saving
Technology for the demanding

The BLDC motor technology applied in Ciarko hoods ensures the highest quality and comfort of use. Thanks to the ball bearings and suspension on anti-vibration mounts, it guarantees an exceptionally quiet operation as well as cost-effectiveness (energy class A++). In the first and the second gear, i.e. the speeds most often chosen by the users, it consumes only 8W and 30W, respectively, which results in the protection of the natural environment and customers wallets.


In the service of clean air
Efficient way of recirculation

Filters are one of the most important elements in kitchen hoods. In our offer, you can find new generation filters with the AntiFishMode module, which guarantee total elimination of very intensive and unpleasant smells rising in the kitchen. Plasma filters, in turn, are a solution perfect for people suffering from allergies: not only do they remove from the air 90% of smells from meal preparation but also dangerous allergens and bacteria.

A wide range of unlimited possibilities
Adaptable Modular System

AMS is a system, which guarantees the extension of every hood by additional technologies by adding a particular module or modules:

Automatic operation of the
hood depending on the
amount of vapors evolved
during the cooking.
Intelligent refresh system.
Detects the increase in CO2
and turns on ventilation.
Detects any increase in the
level of CO2. Than the hood
starts to operate in full
speed to clean up the air.
In case of fire, the hood
disconnects the power supply
to the induction hob and
sends an SOS message.
The ability to control and
receive data on your
Integration with Alexa – Amazon’s
cloud-based voice service.
Possibility to control
hood by smart home system
from Amazon.


Right on cue
Innovative system of controls

The assistant of voice commands AmazonAlexa helps the user to control the hood by giving voice commands in English. In this easy way, it is possible to start, suspend or switch off the operation of the device, which might be especially useful for homes for disabled people. Moreover with Alexa, you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. It could also be extremely helpful in doing many activities in the kitchen, where the user’s hands are full. This system can be compatible with all Ciarko models with the Alexa built-in module.


Technology and design
Modern control panel

Besides functionality and ergonomics, design is extremely important for every interior. Kitchen design is not an exception, which is why we, among only few companies on the market, have the technology to create touch control panels in the hoods with inox steel finish. Thanks tothis solution, it is possible to avoid unaesthetic buttons or rocker switches. Not only can it have an impact on the appearance of the device but also on the comfort of use and maintenance of cleanliness.


Control is unnecessary
Intelligent system of hood operation

A system, which autonomously adjusts the operation of the hood to the level of air pollution in the kitchen. Thanks to three innovative sensor of: steam, temperature and humidity the system automatically sets the power of suction and the time during which it remains active. The device recognizes the presence of intensive smells, water vapour and the particles of fat created in the process of meal preparation. It works until the air becomes completely purified and then after 10 minutes it switches off. It is impossible to imagine a comfort of use higher than that of a product which does not require the user’s involvement.


Efficiently and on time
Functional technology in the kitchen

Technology delaying the end of the time of hood operation. Automatic switch-off after 10, 20 or 30 minutes allows efficient cleaning of air even after the end of the cooking process. It is a very convenient solution, which allows the user to leave the kitchen and not to remember to switch off the hood later: it will be done automatically by the device. It is a sure-fire way to free your kitchen from intensive smells.


Detectable from a distance
Modern technology of LED lighting

In an attempt to meet the consumers’ needs, we have developed a system, which activates the LED lighting of the device thanks to the sensor detecting the user’s movements. It is enough to move closer to the hood at a distance of 2 meters and the lighting becomes automatically activated. Similarly, if the user backs up, the lighting goes off. It is an excellent solution, which will be applied at the homes of users who appreciate comfort and convenience while engaging in everyday activities in the kitchen.


Warm colours of light
Modern technology of LED lighting

The technology WarmLed is a type of lighting friendly to the hood user. The colour of the generated light is extremely similar to the natural sunshine, which is why it does not strain the user’s eyes and evokes a positive mood. This aspect seems to be especially important for people who spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Lighting of this type consumes low energy, which additionally influences the user’s budget.